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Brief Introduction Of Brushed Bed Sheet Fabric

Brushed fabric is a kind of woven fabric, which is often used to make brushed sweaters, scarves, squares, neck covers, velvet caps, etc. Guojun specializes in the production of brushed bed linen fabrics.

Brushed fabrics include brushed sweaters, scarves, squares, neck covers, velvet caps, etc. The texture is mostly acrylic products, followed by pure wool. Acrylic fiber has the characteristics of electrostatic dust collection, and the fluff is easy to accumulate dust. If washed improperly, brushed clothes are easy to deform, shrink and harden, lose elasticity, and make the fluff lodging, affecting their softness and fluffy.

Common fleece materials:

1. Fleece, brushed, polar fleece, coral fleece and other fleece fabrics have different names, but the material is mostly polyester fiber. The reason why the fluffy state is different is that the processing technology is slightly different. Polyester fiber is a general term for a class of synthetic fibers, which is actually polyester.

2. Most of the polyester fiber fleece fabrics currently on the market must be brushed first, and then sheared.

3. The linings of common fleece sweaters and many coats are processed in this way. Some also need to be ironed, such as fleece products used for thermal underwear.

4. On the basis of brushed and sheared fleece, polar fleece is processed by polar fleece, and small grains of fleece are formed on the surface, so it is called polar fleece. It has a good feel, and more elasticity, and generally does not pill again when wearing it. It is a good product with high quality and low price, and is often used for coats and blankets.

5. The composition of coral fleece is usually polyester, and the fluff is slightly longer. It is mainly used to make bedding, children's clothing, and pajamas. It is soft to the touch, washable, antistatic, and cheap.

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