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Brushed Fabric And Sweater

What fabric is brushed? Is a brushed sweater good?

Brushed fabric is a kind of cotton fabric that is pulled out of the yarn body by the drawing machine, and then evenly covered on the surface of the fabric, so that our fabric presents a rich and fluffy cotton fabric. The composition of the brushed fabric is also divided into many kinds, including pure cotton, cotton polyester, cotton wool, wool, and so on. What we need to know is that the brushed fabric is actually a fabric effect, not a fabric component, Therefore, it cannot be distinguished from nylon, nylon, and other fabric components.


On the whole, the sweater made of brushed fabric is relatively good and is also popular with many consumers. Generally, a sweater made of this fabric is more suitable for autumn and winter, because we all know that these two seasons are relatively cold, so the sweater made of brushed fabric has a strong thermal insulation function, and the feel will be more comfortable. People still prefer it.


Which is easier to pilling, flannelette or sweater?

Terry cloth is a kind of knitted fabric. During weaving, some yarns appear as loops on the rest of the fabric in a certain proportion and stay on the surface of the fabric, that is, terry cloth. It can be divided into single-sided terry and double-sided terry. The terry cloth is usually thicker, and the terry part can hold more air, so it has thermal insulation and is mostly used for autumn and winter clothing supplies. The terry part is brushed and can be processed into flannelette, which has a light and soft feel and superior thermal insulation performance.

"Sweater" was born in New York, USA, in the 1930s. It was produced for cold storage workers at that time. However, due to the comfort and warmth of the sweater, it gradually became popular with athletes, and soon became popular among olive players' girlfriends and music stars. Sweaters combine fashion and functionality, combine comfort and fashion, and become the first choice of street sports for young people.


In spring and autumn, the sweater is the first choice. The sweater is a piece of spring and autumn that is worth investing in. The sweater generally appears spacious and is very popular clothing in leisure clothing. Sweaters can be fashionable and functional. Due to the combination of comfort and fashion, sweaters have become the preferred equipment for athletes of all ages.


Tidy men and women are also loyal fans of sweaters. The graffiti design of the sweater shows the young personality, and comfortable wear is the best equipment for leisure sports. Moreover, sweaters are easy to match. Sweatpants, jeans, or skirts can create a relaxed fashion sense.


Is brushed fabric better or knitted fabric?


1. Knitted fabrics have good elasticity, moisture absorption, breathability, comfort, and warmth, and are widely used in mattress fabrics. Knitting materials are mainly natural fibers such as cotton, hemp, silk, and wool, as well as chemical fibers such as nylon, acrylic, and polyester. Knitting fabrics have a variety of texture changes.


2. The main reason for brushed fabric is that it is easy to pill. Pay attention to this point in the process of use and cleaning to avoid pilling as much as possible. The pilling problem of brushed fabric is not very serious. You can find professional laundry to deal with it. The pilling problem is very serious and affects daily use. Consumers can consider purchasing new products.


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