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Distinctive wax print.

Real wax printed cloth is the traditional clothing fabric of African people, especially for festival weddings. In Europe and the United States, there are a considerable number of blacks (mostly of African descent) who follow traditional customs and are very fond of real wax calico. The real wax printed cloth is different from the imitation wax printed cloth and the domestic ordinary printed cloth. It is a high-tech product with the following unique styles; the color is rich in the form of expression, and it uses indigo blue (black, red) blue and black as pattern lines , with bright color blocks (red, yellow, brown, blue), and a small area of ​​white space, forming a unique style of black and white, strong color contrast.
1. Rich patterns
The pattern design of real wax calico mostly adopts flowers, insects (such as spiders, butterflies, four-legged snakes, centipedes, snails, etc.), poultry and birds (chickens, swallows, peacocks, etc.) and daily necessities (shoes) that are very familiar to African people. , umbrellas, farm implements, transportation vehicles, stationery, etc.), other such as numbers, letters, eyes, soles of feet and some religious symbols are also common graphics. The colors and patterns are extremely rich, and there are few repeated patterns. It has a very typical African local style and reflects the national characteristics. but
Some patterns, such as soles of feet and even skeletons, are difficult to understand and accept in the eyes of Chinese people.
2. Strong stereoscopic effect
The real wax printed cloth is made by applying impermeable medium (wax) to the grey cloth and then printed by multiple processes. It needs to be dyed twice and printed twice (ie, printed on the flower) to achieve, so it will form a pair of flowers. The dislocation on the calico, that is, the wrong flower, these irregular wrong flowers cause a strong three-dimensional sense of the real wax printed cloth pattern, and some are a three-dimensional three-dimensional figure.
3. Consistent
Different from ordinary printed cloth, the real wax printed cloth penetrates well on the front and back, and the color is exactly the same, regardless of reverse.
just. The two sides of the cloth should retain about 0.5~1.5cm of white or light-colored selvedge, and print GUARANTEE REALWAX, VERTABLE REAL WAX and the company's name, trademark pattern (such as HYWAX) and other special marks to distinguish products from different manufacturers. Most of the edges of the wax calico
Printed with the words "MADE IN CHINA". Unique wax pattern There are irregularities on the surface of the wax printed cloth
Wax pattern, wax pattern is light or heavy, and the form is divided into hair-like fine lines, ice lines, ordinary lines, color lines, etc. According to the form of wax pattern, wax printed cloth is divided into SUPER WAX, WAX and other grades.
These unique styles of real wax printed cloth cannot be imitated by any other printing method, and its price is several times higher than that of ordinary printed cloth. Real wax calico has a long production history in Africa and some other European and American countries.