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Introduction to hot stamping - the difference between hot stamping and offset printing

There may not be any difference between bronzing printing and offset printing in the eyes of laymen, but the editor of Meiyi Engraving checked Baidu for this. Then if the two processes are not confused in application, we have to analyze the difference between bronzing printing and offset printing.
First of all, bronzing is always inseparable from bronzing paper and bronzing glue. Both are indispensable. It is usually used in bronzing processing of knitted fabrics such as T-shirt bronzing, clothing bronzing, scarf bronzing, sweater bronzing, etc.
Difference: In some processes, the hot stamping glue is printed on the hot stamping film, and then it is hot stamped on the fabric, while some hot stamping processes are first stamped with the hot stamping glue on the fabric, and then the surface of the fabric printed with the hot stamping glue is covered with hot stamping paper. .
Bronzing glue, either water-based or oil-based. In terms of the process of gluing, there are manual silk screen printing and automatic machine coating. However, no matter what kind of hot stamping method is used, it is necessary to apply temperature and appropriate pressure. When a piece of clothing is gilded, the coating on the back of the gilding paper remains on the cloth printed with gilding glue. At this time, the original gilding paper becomes a waste film, and then the waste gilding film is torn off. , At this time, people can see the glittering pattern. This is "Bronzing".
The bronzing process is similar to offset printing, except that gold or silver is added to the color of the bronzing, which gives it a metallic look, usually printed on black clothing. This process is also recommended in advertising shirts. The price is relatively expensive.
The common problem of bronzing is how to avoid cracking. The way to crack into the surface is to choose elastic film, or you can also use elastic glue and then press the film at high temperature. The fastness and color are very good.
The difference between hot stamping and offset printing
Next, let’s talk about offset printing. In clothing offset printing and fabric offset printing, this process called offset printing is to add glue, the printing material, to the screen printing screen after the printing master has colored it, and then use a scraper to “print” evenly. On clothing or other fabrics, a layer of gelatinous substance adheres to the surface of the clothing fabric after printing, printing one color at a time. In theory, the same piece of clothing can be printed in countless different colors. After printing, it can be hot or not. The purpose of hot stamping is to increase the fastness and smoothness of the printed surface, without the need to use hot stamping paper. This is what people usually refer to as offset printing, also known as "glue printing" in the industry.