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What Are The Advantages Of Digital Print?

The benefits of digital print are also very considerable in the future trend. Compared with traditional printing, it has more high value-added benefits. So what are the advantages of digital print compared with traditional printing?

1. Reduce labor costs

In the process flow of traditional printing machines, there are many manual execution links, which need to be handled by multiple operators, which involves high labor costs. Digital inkjet printers, on the other hand, almost automate the management and control process, and operators can supervise the running machines from time to time.

2. No screen production cost

In digital inkjet printing, the pattern is directly printed on the fabric, eliminating the need for rotary screen printing. Not only saves precious screen time of the printing machine, but also saves the additional cost of the screen itself and the cost of screen engraving.

3. The nozzle has a longer service life

At present, most of the digital printing machines circulating on the market are equipped with nozzle damage prevention devices and intelligent system monitoring technology, such as reducing the probability of nozzle damage by increasing the distance between the nozzle and the fabric. Therefore, the digital printing technology has a longer service life than the nozzles of the traditional printing machine (saving a lot of nozzle replacement costs), and effectively reduces the maintenance cost of the machine.

4. Shorter turnaround time

The increasing demand for quick response in the market has prompted the accelerated development of digital printing. It is not difficult to see the printing production of fast-moving apparel brands such as ZARA, H&M, GAP, etc. With the help of digital inkjet printing, factories can improve the productivity of printing machines and shorten the turnaround time. Faster delivery and larger print volumes.

At the same time, more and more brands are now more and more willing to pay more for faster delivery, such as a metre of fabric delivered in a week or even three days, rather than a few weeks a month.

5. Print on fabrics that have already been sold, not printed fabrics

Due to the long turnaround time of traditional printing, fashion brands need to estimate the number of meters of printed fabrics they sell, and print on this basis. Because digital inkjet printing speeds up the printing process, fashion brands are able to print small batches and reorder when a certain type of garment is selling very well.

Ideally, with digital inkjet printing, there will be no such thing as a "discount sale" in the future, as fashion brands can quickly obtain the required quantities of printed fabrics.

6. Ink consumption is reduced

Although digital printing ink is more expensive than the ink used in traditional printing, the digital printing process can save the amount of ink used.

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