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What Is Disperse Print Fabric?

When we customize work clothes, we often need to print some logos or slogans on the clothes. At this time, we often hear about a process called dispersion printing. Let's talk about what it means to disperse print fabric, and the difference between disperse printing and pigment printing.

What does dispersion printing mean?

Disperse printing is a kind of dye printing, which refers to the printing process of dispersed dye printing on polyester (polyester) or polyamide (nylon, nylon) fabrics.

Due to different printing methods and different product quality requirements, the process formula and conditions of dispersed dye printing are also different. Different printing products should make different choices of production technology and equipment according to different styles and patterns.

The printing production process usually goes through four steps: printing, drying, fixing, and washing. Disperse dyes can also be used for transfer printing, and the production process is simpler. As long as the transfer printing paper with various patterns and patterns is pasted on the fabric, it does not need to be washed, and the printing products with exquisite patterns and unique colors can be obtained by heat transfer.

The difference between dispersion printing and pigment printing

Pigment printing refers to the method of printing fabrics with paints. Unlike disperse dye printing, paint printing requires the use of binders and cross-linking agents, because the paint particles (essentially the same as wall paint, but finer particles) have no binding force to the fibers, so binders are required to bond, the Then cross-linking agent is used to form macromolecular network structure to improve color fastness.

1. From the perspective of the materials used, the difference between the two is reflected in that one is to use disperse dyes and paste to prepare color paste; the other is to use paint particles, binders, and cross-linking agents to prepare a color paste.

2. Technically speaking, after dispersion printing, it must go through steaming, reduction cleaning, water washing, and other processes; after pigment printing, it can be directly baked at high temperatures without steaming or reduction cleaning, and the production process is shorter.

3. In terms of printing effect, disperse dye printing is much better, and disperse dye printing is far superior to paint printing in terms of color vividness and softness.

The above is about the introduction of dispersion printing and its difference from pigment printing, I hope to answer your questions. Changxing Guojun Textile Co., Ltd. is a wholesale textile fabric manufacturer and OEM brushed bed sheet fabric factory in China, we provide custom textile fabrics for sale at ex-factory prices. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.