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What Is Microfiber Fabric?

Microfiber fabric, literally, is a very thin fiber. The academic circles generally define fibers with a diameter of less than 5 microns as superfine fibers. Many varieties of this fiber have also been developed in China. The main raw materials they use It is polyester or nylon, which can be used to produce fabrics such as work clothes and towels. The biggest difference between microfiber fabrics and ordinary fabrics is that they are very soft and warm, and have strong water absorption properties. Therefore, they are widely used in many fields on the market. After understanding the concept of microfiber, let me introduce to you the characteristics of microfiber.

 What is Microfiber Fabric? What are the characteristics?

First of all, thinness is its main feature, so how thin is it? Pull this fiber from the moon to the earth, and its weight is less than 5g, which also reflects that the microfiber is thin and light.

Then the clothing made of microfiber fabric has an extremely soft touch, the cloth surface is delicate and has a silky finish, and the unique fiber structure also makes the cloth have good moisture absorption and air dissipation properties. Adjust the appropriate temperature to achieve the purpose of warm in winter and cool in summer.

Because the fibers are fine enough, they can capture air dust and kitchen oil well. In addition, microfibers can quickly absorb water and evaporate water quickly, so they can also be used to make wipes such as towels.

Microfiber fabrics do not shed or spin, and have good strength and toughness, which also makes this type of fabric have a longer service life.

The use of microfiber:
First of all, it can be used to produce towels, bath towels and wipes for various instruments. Because it has a good decontamination effect, it is not even necessary to use cleaning fluid when wiping. Then microfiber can be used to make work clothes such as underwear and T-shirts, and the price is relatively affordable. The fabric of this kind of fabric has become particularly popular abroad.

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