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Why The Digital Print Fabric Should Not Be Printed With Black Fabric?

Digital print fabric is printing with digital technology. Digital printing technology is a high-tech product that integrates mechanical, computer and electronic information technology with the continuous development of computer technology. The emergence and continuous improvement of this technology has brought a new concept to the textile printing and dyeing industry. Its advanced production principles and means have brought an unprecedented development opportunity to the textile printing and dyeing industry.

Digital printing is divided into digital direct jet printing and digital thermal transfer printing. Digital direct printing means that you can directly print the patterns you need on various materials with a digital printer. For digital thermal transfer printing, the printing pattern needs to be pre-printed on special paper and then transferred to various materials through thermal transfer printing, such as T-shirts, underwear, sportswear, and other clothing.

Digital printed polyester cotton fabric is not black when printed. Why?

In fact, there is no problem with digital printing on white fabric, and there are many colors to choose from. Generally, black cannot be printed because the ink for digital printing is CMYK.

If you want to print on black fabric, you can use paint digital printing, but this also has obvious disadvantages, that is, the cost is high, coupled with poor hand feel, and color fastness is also very common.

How about 8d digital jacquard fabric?

The main performance is:

1. 8d digital printing fabric is a new type of printing fabric, which has a super-realistic visual feeling.

2. The printing process simplifies the complicated process, cancels the complex screen-making and color matching, and sizing process of traditional printing, greatly reduces the cost of receiving orders and proofing, and enables rapid delivery, so as to achieve instant delivery.

3. The process is highly automated and controlled by computer. It can be combined with the Internet to realize the e-commerce of textile production and sales.

4. The production flexibility is strong, which is reflected in the flexible materials for spray printing, without the restrictions of color and return. It can achieve the effect of high-grade printing on textile fabrics. The quantity of spray printing is flexible, especially suitable for small batches, multiple varieties, and personalized production. The printing is very easy to organize.

5. The colors are colorful and vivid, and the printing fineness is high.

Digital printing dyes are ink-jet on demand, reducing the waste of chemicals and wastewater discharge. Low noise during ink-jet, quiet and clean, no environmental pollution, realizing green production process.

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